Tuesday, January 22, 2013

stephanie sharif

                    Trip with 5,000 to New York

December  28 me and my future husband are going to New York time square to see the ball drop. The reason why I want to go to New York is because that’s been my dream to go there and I still haven't gone there. Plus I want to go to new york for school to be a cosmetology and a dance teacher everyday I hear about dancers in new york and I want to go there so I can learn about it and take some lesson and see how really good they are. the reason why I want to take my boyfriend  because his birthday is Dec. 27 and he never been out of the state and I just want to do him a big gift because he does so much for me. So December 28 we going to leave at 6:00 am in the morning so we can get there in the middle of the day so it won't be so dark but i'm thinking it would be better to get there at night because I want to see the lights light up at night downtown. we're going to find a hotel down town new york, stay there for a 1 or 2 or a couple days its whenever we want to go home. But i'm thinking we can just move there and just live are life but its hard to just move there without knowing anybody. when we get to the destination we will check in the a hotel that is called paramount hotel and the price was $534.65 for the whole week.after we get are room key and get settle we will go outside and go shopping I always wanted to go to these store in New York city which are called Aerosoles,Anne Fontaine,Bally Brighton Collectibles,Etro. When we was walking in the city everyone was asking questions and like where are we from and everything. we met new people, found out thing that we didn't know and we found out. In them one weeks we did everything we went to the new years ball drop area on December 31, 2012 and we got after parties tickets for 75$ after the show till 4am in the morning. We going to have so much fun because both like to party hard but we can't because we are new and don't party to hard. After we had a blast at time square we went back the the hotel and got in the pool. so far we got one more day in new york and we went out to eat and just relax so we can get up and get back in town.

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