Tuesday, January 15, 2013


                                                                          life story

    In my early age when I was a young girl, I Was taken when I was 2 days old and I moved to a home with my sister. I am happy that I Moved in with her because I didn't move in with my mother's sister and brothers it was just me and her. I did not know that I Was a adopted until I Keep asking my mom was she eating a lot of hot sauce with me, because I eat hot sauce on everything. When she told me that I was adopted I was shocked and I ask what was that and she told me since then I been thinking about how did I get taken and she told me and she said because,your real mom was on drugs and she didn’t have no home or anything and I was the youngest then and she told me that I have 8 older brother and sisters and one on the way.

Since then I just been trying to find all my sisters and brothers and my mother and father and I found them because of my older sister told me about her. As I grew up I been with a good family and better life sometimes but as  older I just been like I don’t like my life and I hate this and that or I don't like this house or I want my real family or mom and I can't say dad because he been in jail since I was 3. When I was growing up I been getting tested for brain and been on a couple on medicine but they can't find out what's wrong with me but I think it's from my real mom that did drugs with me and I am the only one that effect me and did drugs with and my younger brother that was born after me.

When I was in 5th grade I was new at wealthy elementary, I came from vista academy because I always used to get in trouble at that school but I had to change they way I was acting when I got into east I thought nobody was going to talk to me and it will be just like the other schools I went to but I didn’t everybody was asking me quotations and where I was from and I was just shy and I'm am still shy, but when I'm talking in front of the class.

If I am in the crowed then I can be loud as ever because they really don’t know who it is. In elementary my first friend was Sierra Castle berry. How I met her was we was at recess and we was lining up to go back inside and she was in a different class as me and I had got something out her hair and she looks at me and she asks me if I was new and I said yes I am and she told me her name, I told her mine and since then she been coming up to me asking me to play with her and we use to argue everyday then she gets her dad and mom in it and it won't even be that serious to do all of that but she still does that till this day but I still love her. When we was in middle school we was BFF still and we ran track together and me and her was the fastest in are grade and we was in a relay together. but when we got in high school Fionna be a junior she had moved and it was the end of that. when I finish high school and graduated want to move to new york and go to school there. I want to be a cosmetologist and a fashion design because everybody say I can dress and do hair and nails and I would like to be a dance teacher and have my own business.

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