Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stephanie Sharif
Ms.tom bra 7th
Nov. 26 2012

 My Talent

I am Talent, I am talent with dancing and playing sports,hair,nails. How I start doing all this talent is by watching people doing nails and hair in the salon one day my mom brought me a doll with just the head and I just started to try whoever she did to my sister hair or her client hair. When I started doing hair I started to do nails because every time my mom go to the nail shop I always want to go to watch how they put the nail stuff on and take notes. When Christmas came around I knew exactly what I wanted. When she asked me I said a nail set and hair supplies and the Christmas morning I was hoping she got it and she did I got every color nail polish, fake nails, etc. I was so happy that she told Santa that's what I wanted. Yes I do still believe in Santa, because my mom told me when I was younger that if you don't believe in Santa then he not gonna give u any present. so I believe in him and his little elves. I always want to ask Santa a lot of questions like where his elves sleep? who cook and feed them? Do they ever go on break? What happen if something happen to them? How does his reindeer fly? how they don't get tired by make all them stops to are house and how he don't get full off the cookies and milk? I wonder if I'm short enough to work with him?
In New York has been my dream to go there to get my stuff done that I want to be its going to take me awhile to get everything done what I wanted to be and move around and have a job and plenty more stuff to do and vita my mother brother and father and sisters and everybody else and come here for holidays some people tell me that it is so hard for them for the first two years because you have to get everything and the dorms and books and plenty more stuff so I really don't want to go but then I do want to go to see how it really is but I hope I get in where I want to go for the longest . I hope it just come true for me and I do good in this last two year.  

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