Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Dear Tombre,

What I want for Christmas is ¨MY LIFE TO START OVER¨  if you ask me why I want to do that, because I just want a new life I been through so much everything is just so hard for me some people think I’m not trying I’m trying so hard because I want to grow up and go to college and live my dream but I can't because I struggle to mush in school and I think if I struggle in school I’m going to struggle in life. some people say I am a very bright smiling smart girl but deep deep inside its a lot a pain. As I still grow up I always think nobody likes me because the way I am, and act. My sister told me she hate the way I act in public because I don't know how to act when I go out because I never get to do anything because my mom don’t want the stuff that happen to her happen to us. But I told her we not her and she said but she don't like the streets and I just shake my head like what do we suppose to do when we on are own.
The other day my cousin said she hate being black because where she live on top of Gods kitchen and all she see is homeless people and people going crazy and she just want to be white I cried and she only 6 years old and when she said that that made me feel the same thing so I sat down with her and talk to her about what she just said. But as I think about I feel the same way sometimes because when I am in U.S history we are learning about slaves and how they use to talk to the blacks and Washington  trying to get them right with the black and the whites but I just don't get why don't the whites like the black and if it was not for martin Luther king it won't be this or I won't be in this school and learning and going out in public getting called out my name and getting bully by the whites and don't want to drink out a black only fountain.
When I go around I just be looking at people that say they races but I don't get it because they been over and so long ago and I just don't understand why people are and how the treat them, when my brother had a white girlfriend her mom was races but she wasn't so when Earl meet her mom she told him i don't want my child to be around black people earl took that to the heart but he love white people me too I don't see what wrong with black and white together we all do the same thing and blacks may be bad but they just don't see the whites out here acting up the same way the blacks do mostly old white men are on the news about rapping and killing like travon martin thing terribly I want them to go back and see what martin Luther king did for us and plenty more people did for the black and white.

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