Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stephanie Sharif
Ms.Tombra 7th hr

            why don't people like eating in the cafe?

        Tell you the truth nobody likes it I kinda don't like it only sometimes because it just be wet sometimes and so good but people don't like the cafe because some people goes in the library to do homework or just hate the smell and sometimes it just be to pack up in there I hate it sometimes but I sometimes love there food but the only this that getting bad is everything is wheat and turkey they must not see this body I don't need to loose anything else. Some people stop eating in there because of that and I would too but I love their fruit and I can eat fruit till I die I just love the fruit there and its healthy and the other thing is everybody love their salad but they just need to step up the white stuff and not the wheat bread and turkey. Students got jobs and babysitting jobs and they just go out and buy their lunch and don't come back and sometimes people drive and go home but at the end of the year people never come in the lunchroom. my friend ask me why i eat the school lunch i said well its good some people just say its nasty because they are use to it and and good when it became the real food like the soup i don't think they change that but because it too goo i think. i mean i we been eating the school lunch when we was very lil in middle school and elementrly so i dont really know why people cuplaine i mean what if we didnt have the off campus lunch then what will people do eat there lunch or the school lunch or nothing because the school lunch was nasty and they didn't pack a cold lunch. some people gotta think we do this for the students i mean there other kids that are out here homeless can eat it or they can just stop cooking for us if they stop being too rude and just keep stuff to there face.

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  1. what I think I could do better is spell better and stop with the run on sentence and think before I write and read over what I wrote.