Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stephanie Sharif
Ms. Tombre   


                                                                         My two best friends     

 Hello I am Stephanie Sharif and I am going to tell you how I lost my two best friends. When I was in middle school I was at East Grand Rapids middle school and they was brand new and I was really happy that I meet them first. In the beginning of the school year I would show jonna and betty  their classes and one of the girls named Katie Duffy we had almost all are classes together and the other female was Miah and we always ate lunch together when she didn't have anyone to eat with. In those years Katie and Miah had meet new friends but still was my friend. By the time we got into 8th Miah told me that she was leaving and moving to Texas. Then Katie moved to Washington D.C with her dad and when they both told me on the first day I was mad, upset and heartbroken but they both gave me a gift and asked me to come over before they left.
This summer I saw Katie I thought i would not see her again she had came over and ask me to go to a concert with her and she already had the ticket so all I have to have is money to eat with so I said yes I would that would be awesome. We had a good time at the fifth third ballpark and was long. After we had left we went to McDonald's and ate good because at the park the food was so expensive that u can buy a whole outfit with it was so ridiculous. Till this day I am still in touch with my two best friends. Since I talk to them they been doing good and Miah had moved to Florida and she plays soccer and goes to school but she really don’t have to time to travel because her dad works and she works and play soccer and her mom had past away when she was up here and when I heard about that I wanted to cry because that’s breaks my heart.Katie always call me when anything wrong with her, family problem or friends, because I was the always there with her when she was going through a lot in middle school.

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