Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stephanie Sharif
Ms. Tombre

My two best friends
Hello I am Stephanie Sharif and I am going to tell you how I lost my two best friends. When I was in middle school I was at East Grand Rapids middle school and they was brand new and I was really happy that I meet them first. In the beginning of the school year I would show them to their class and one of the girls named Katie Duffy we had almost all are classes together and the other female was Miah and we always ate lunch together when she don't have nobody to eat with. In those years Katie and Miah had meet new friends but still was my friend. By the time we got into 8th Miah told me that she was leaving and moving to Texas. Katie moved to Washington D.C with her dad and when they both told me on the first day I was mad and upset and heartbroken but they both gave me a gift and asked me to come over before they leave. This summer I saw Katie I thought i would not see her again she had came over and ask me to go to a concert with her and she already had the ticket so all I have to have is money to eat with and so I said yes I would that would be awesome. We had a good time at the fifth third ballpark and was long. After we had left we had went to McDonald's and ate good because at the park there food was so high that you can buy a whole outfit with it was so ridiculous. Till this day I am still in touch with my two best friends. Since I talk to them they been doing good and Miah had moved to Florida and she plays soccer and goes to school but she really don’t have to time to travel because her dad works and she works and play soccer and her mom had past away when she was up here and when I heard about that I wanted to cry because thats heartbroken, if not then what is. Katie always call me when anything wrong with her, family problem or friends, because I was the always there with her when she was going through a lot in middle school.

stephanie sharif

My Talent

Im going to tell you about my talent and how I stated. When I was a young girl I was started dance and when I got done with dance I did karate and after I went to tap, then gymnastics and tennis. When I was in dance I was 4 years old and I loved and I right know I am still a dancer and when I grow up I want to be a dance teacher in new york thats my dream just to go to New York and be a dance teacher and a fashion design. In dance I was having fun I had good friends that support others and when I left the want me back because I love doing solo dance and nobody wanted to do it so they will always call me and ask my mom would I do it and I always get happy when I have dance practices and the dance and competitions we always won. But lost only 1 dance competition and from this day and now I still want to do dance. I help my little sister dance. When anybody want to learn how to dance they come to me, just like Ms. Rupke always ask me to dance for her or help her or show her some moves. when I dance in the spirit assembly I am always scared but when I start its like nothing because everybody cheering. I love when everybody cheer when I dance.
When I started karate I was 7 yrs. old. I meet new people and I love having new friends and having fun with them. I really don't have a good story for it.
In gymnastic I was 9, I was in gymnastics with my cousin and when I got on stage 3 or 4, bad things such as hurting myself in the swinging bar and the chapulin, jumping bem. when  was swinging on the bars in the competitions meets I was on it and when I jump to the highest bar I fell and sprained my ankle and it hurted so bad I was trying over and over to get back up and try again but I couldn't because my ankle was hurting so bad. when found out that i sprained my ankle I was mad and I just quite gymnastics and went to track because i didn't want to wait till my ankle get better. next yr i just stared track because my ankle was better and i was just ready to run and see how i like track.
10 years old running track, when I first started i was like this is too much running but when i got into it I was just fast as I can be I didn't know i can run that fast so since then i just loved running and like going against old people to see how fast I am, what I need to do to fix my form and my arms. when are first track meet came it was the time to be focus and be real about everything and I did, I ran the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash and a relay. when I was at the starting line I was nervous and didn't know what to do I had to pee but some people say it make you run faster. so as I was running I was thinking that I was going to lose then I was just like can do it then I just went out my fullest and stright out my form and got first.

Stephanie Sharif

If you were to die today what would you like people to say about you?

If I died today i would them to say alot i would like them to say that i am a  helpful person ,hard worker and love to dance and love to meet new people and i am always there for people if they need help i am a funny person and care alot  about other people. i want them to tell people about what i did to make them proud such as, when i made madison happy when she was going through a hard time and going through alot with her life. really i just make people life better and make their day. Everytime I walk in the class and sit down and just be funny and laugh at stuff and when I do that they always tell me that I make there day so i just take that very good way and just say I did awl thank you and just  start  loving myself .

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  1. what I should do better, I think I need to stop with the run on sentence.the other thing is i need to stop going deep inside with my storys and writing them from the heart.