Tuesday, January 22, 2013

                    26 sentence

A place where grew I up in was a very big city in Texas. Before I moved there I stayed in a small city with no friends in a lonely quiet place. Country town is where I was I did not have no school to go to nothing to eat. Down the street from me was a farm but it was dry and nothing was growing. Even when it rains all the ground does is dry back up, we didn't have anything no water,we barely took showers or baths we just had to go was we had, which was a glass of water they we will have to last for the whole family which it was only 3 of us and we only had to sip if we was really really thirsty.  For the rest of the week we only had a tench bit left and it was just heartbroken we didn't even know what to do. Going a whole week without eating or barely drinking was really hard all we wanted to just all die and come back alive in a different world or a new family. However we come to the end will just happen I just can't believe that we living like this. I just love when my own family say ¨we gonna die¨. Just one day we're going to prove people wrong that we can survive with the amount we have to live. Kangaroos be jumping around where I stay and when they jump around we always try to get them and eat them for dinner and lunch and more. Looping the animal around with legs are very hard to get the skin off the animal. Moving this big animal is a lot of work. Nobody wants to help but when its they want to eat. Only when I get a small animal they want to help. People love taking over things my family when it becomes food, ask me I don't really know why they do that. Quite people in my home are really sad and wish they had friends and wish they can meet new people in are family. Real people in are house are very use to all the non eating and drinking. Some people walk down are street and just stare at us and never offer us anything. True feeling in my home are shown very good it so loud in the house because everybody having a hard life and my mom is pregnant and she need to feed both. Us? are family needs help. Violence is not the answer to anybody i seen too much of it with my own mom and dad. While I go out and look for food everybody sits on there butt like they're not hungry and it really kills me when they do that because it seems like I am the only one that want to keep living. Xavier is my lil brother he sometimes come out and help me find food.Young people that just stare at us kills me because I really don't want people to see us like this because once I get older and the world get better I would love to be friends with people like them that dress nice and eat good meals. Zebras are now running around the thing is i love them and its kinda hard to shoot them to eat them, so my brother tells me to but i cry and take him somewhere and tell him why i don't shoot them.

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