Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stephanie Sharif
September 20th 2012
Mrs. Tombrea
7th Hr.

November 2nd
I was born on November 2nd, 1995, in Spectrum Health Hospital, downtown in the inner city of Grand Rapids. When I was born, I weighed 5 pounds, 4 ounces, and was 17 inches long. I came home to a Mother, a Father and four big sisters at the time. My mother, Angela, picked out my name to be stephanie Rayvonne Sharif. She thought it would be a nice name for a Beautiful baby girl. My Nickname is Tug, its unique to me because when i was a baby, I was plump, and my aunt Renee, said that i looked like a plump juicy bug. Tug was another word that rhymed with bug, so it went perfect with that analogy.
One of my favorite songwriters and singers share their birthday with me. Nelly was born on November 2nd 1974. some songs by him that I enjoy listening to are: Air Force Ones, and , It’s Hot in Here, Gone Featuring Kelly Rowland. Nelly is a singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. Some movies that his music was featured on are: Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Soul Plane, Little Man, Bad Boys II, and Are We There Yet?. My favorite movie of these is Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Mainly because it shows that True love can’t be bought, based of the 1987 movie, Can’t Buy Me Love.
In the year 1995, in which i was born, a movie by the name of Toy Story came out. To this day, I still enjoy watching this movie about how two toys came together to be best friends. it reminds me of everyday life, telling me that even though i may be jealous of someone from what i see on the outside, i don't know yet what's on the inside, teaching me ultimately to make new friends, and like the late Dr. Martin Luther King, not to “Judge a Book by it’s Cover”.  
overall, the year 1995 was crucial part of my life, that i  have been fortunate enough to have this far, and my birthday, November second, 1995, will always play a role, in my ongoing life. It marks another year, but more long, years ahead in life.

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