Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hat i think about the essay

One of your first journals- I think this was a good one. Because you get to write about anything you wanted and  think you should keep this because I feel everybody enjoyed this essay.
Birthday paper- I didn’t really like this because this was a kinda hard one to write because we had to find a person or something that match your birthday and it just not the thing for me. Don’t have this essay again.
Theme Song- I kinda didn’t like this one either, to me I think its kinda not a good one about a theme song because everybody have different types of music. But as my opinion I think some people like it but me personal I didn’t like it.
Trip- This one was kinda my favorite. Because I basically just planned my own dream and I just love it. I think you should keep this one for sure.
Cartoon- This was a very very hard one that was a waste of my time
I really didn’t like this one because nothing funny as a cartoon for real. Never have this one again

American- This one is the same did not,like it at all its just stupid. of thinking about that is a American waste of people time. NEVER have this one again.
Crazy writing prompt- This one was not a very good one either is was some many things to choose and it was just hard to start the essay. I don’t think people would do this if you have this again. 

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